A Defects Report – What is it?

A defects report is called for when a valuer, surveyor or even you as the buyer suspects there may be structural problems (or defects) with a property.  In such instances, a Chartered Structural Engineer (such as GCA) is needed to ascertain;

a) whether there is indeed a problem, and

b) what is required to fix or resolve the problem/defect.

The result? A defects report which provides a clear, objective, qualified, statement on the highlighted problems – providing either reassurance to the buyer that everything is ok, or categorically stating the nature, size and effect of the issue affecting structural integrity.

Once you provide us with the go ahead we will arrange to visit and inspect the property. The report we produce will outline the observations of the Engineer and itemise any structurally significant problems and outline the scope of any remedial works.

The immediate area will also be observed and if appropriate the Engineer will advise on the effect of nearby trees, vegetation or ground conditions which may be affecting the property.

Unless specifically mentioned the survey will exclude all non structural matters and it is not normal practice to lift floor coverings or floorboards. If further invasive investigative measures are required the Engineer will advise and, if required, organise.