If disputes cannot be settled out of court our experience and professional skills can be called upon as an expert witness.  Using extensive knowledge and know how our experts can examine structures to ascertain the most likely cause of movement within a structure such as subsidence or heave.  We can establish where any potential fault lies and, if necessary, testify in court to that effect.

When disputes progress to the more formal settlement processes of arbitration or litigation, we are appointed by either Claimants or Defendants to prepare Expert Reports on the issues in dispute.

This is often the case where a strong case has progressed and requires a detailed single expert or single joint expert witness report. Costs per case vary considerably from £1,000 for a simple trip/fall case to £10,000 in a criminal case with extensive research and/or documentation though detailed estimates are provided prior to client/court commitment based on hourly charges. However, as a guide, the average case report we prepare for civil litigation is approximately £2,500. All reports are undertaken by a professional chartered engineer in accordance with CPR and incorporate digital photographs and drawings where appropriate.

Once a case has progressed sufficiently, we aim to provide fixed price quotations to enable the case to be managed in a cost effective manner.

The confidentiality and security of our Clients’ information is assured. Our premises and data storage systems are well protected against physical or electronic intrusion and accidental loss.