Listed and Historic Homes

GCA offers the following core services:


  • Condition Surveys and Reports
  • Sympathetic repairs for existing defects
  • Creative structural solutions for new build or
    extensions to historic properties.
  • Refurbishments and alterations.
  • Foundation underpinning, increased loads
  • Surveys of derelict or fire damaged properties
  • Party wall surveying
  • Expert witness work.


Structural defects and repairs:


  • Cracking
  • Rot
  • Settlement
  • Drainage defects

We provide expert advice to the owners of listed homes or those thinking of becoming an owner.

Many homeowners enjoy the history and heritage of living in a historic building.

These buildings offer unique challenges for maintenance, repair and alteration, and GCA are specialists in dealing with these complex properties.

GCA have extensive experience in the diagnosis of defects, whether you are considering purchasing a new property, or currently live in a building where cracking, rot or weathering is causing you concern.

We can recommend the involvement of specialist contractors, bespoke investigations and detailed analysis to assess problems and provide creative, sensitive solutions.