Sub-Structure Problems


Subsidence is the downward movement of a building sinking into the ground. It occurs due to a range of causes including the presence of trees, leaking drains and old mine workings.

Subsidence can be alarming, and can prejudice a potential sale of purchase of a property.

Despite initial concern, it is rare that settlement cannot be resolved, and often simple and cost effective actions can mitigate future movement. GCA can assess potential causes, specify further investigation and manage remedial works to significantly reduce the risks associated with this type of building defect.


Settlement is the consolidation of soils under a new building, or when an extension is added.

It is a natural part of the process of construction, and rarely an issue in the long term. It can cause concern, for example when purchasing an extended property with cracking at the interface of the original and additional parts of the building.

GCA can assess potential settlement cracking, and make commendations about future risks, and possible confusion with subsidence.