Sustainable Engineering

Here at GCA (UK) Ltd - Consulting Engineers we believe structural engineers play a vital role in the sustainable development of our built environment.

Through the design, construction and management of buildings and infrastructure, we are committed to sustainable engineering in all aspects of our design work.

We can provide engineering support to low carbon installations such as photovoltaic (PV) panels and wind turbines. We hold BS 14001 Accreditation in this regard.

We undertake PV roof surveys for national energy companies as well as individual households and have advised commercial, industrial, educational and religious leaders.

solar panels and electricity pylons

Engineers Declare

GCA have signed up to the Engineers Declare commitment to strengthen our working practices to create structural engineering outcomes that have more positive impact on the world around us.

wind turbines farm

Sustainability Concepts:

We work alongside national and international organisations which provide guidance on sustainable concept design and sustainability issues. The Natural Step sets out a framework for sustainable building design.

Sustainable Materials:

Many trade organisations provide information on materials, providers and specifiers. The Building Centre Trust offers a product-based information service. There are also several organisations that specialise in specific materials such as: Wood for GoodSteel Construction Institute and The Concrete Centre.


Recycling is an important part of working responsibly to preserve the environment. For information and resources on how to recycling please visit the Waste and Resource Action Programme website. 

For a list of major recycling companies across the UK please visit the CIRIA website.

Energy Reduction:

The Renewable Power Association is a representing body for renewable energy producers in the UK. Its main aim is to secure UK legislation for the expanding use of renewable energy. Other UK organisations include the Royal Society and Renewable UK.