Travel plans (sometimes referred to as green travel plans) encompass a range of measures aimed at promoting sustainable travel within an organisation, or at a specific location, with an emphasis on reducing dependency on single occupancy car journeys and promoting forms of sustainable transport. These are now commonplace within development submissions to Local Planning Authorities.

GCA can prepare Travel Plans to support proposals for securing development approvals via planning applications or S106 Agreements, working with the developer, end-users and Local Authority to ensure a realistic and cost effective plan is developed to meet all needs.

The range of typical instances where Travel Plans are prepared include:

    • To accompany a planning application or S106 agreement
    • School or College Travel Plans
    • Commuter or Company Travel Plans where:
    1. There are accessibility problems with the site
    2. There are parking problems at a site
    3. An organisation wants to improve their environmental image
    4. To improve efficiency and reduce transport costs
    5. To improve staff morale and health