Unusual Structures

GCA Consulting are specialists in the design of bespoke, unique, challenging and unusual structures.

GCA Consulting have taken on a wide variety of challenging projects, working with artists, museum designers, amusement park owners, and The National Trust amongst many others.

We enjoy the challenges that such projects present, and enjoy working collaborative, challenging teams and being challenged in return to bring exciting and innovative projects to life.

We understand that unique structures must remain practical and buildable, and that unique design brings risks that must be managed. We enjoy the process, and welcome new enquiries. Contact us here.

We work in all materials, including timbers, earth, glass, steel, concrete, aluminium, stainless steel and anything else required.

Calke Abbey - Humankind Art installation

We work with artists and clients across the UK, ensuring that new scultural works are safe for public access.

We provide a range of services to theme parks, from the creation of new decorative structures, the the design of foundations and drame for rides and attractions.

Many projects are undertaken in sesimically prone regions, and we can combine unique design with seismic resistance.

Victoris Baths Chimney

These listed structures can present significant challenges, and GCA can mitigate risk and extend their life.