Commercial Structural Surveys

At GCA Consulting we provide a range of structural surveys and associated services for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Our engineers are experienced at assessing a wide range of commercial structures including Public Houses, Apartment Blocks and Schools, Hospitals and Religious Buildings.

As part of our service we provide a  comprehensive report including high definition photographs of potential problems, as well as conclusions and recommendations.

Should the survey reveal significant defects the cause can be investigated and the scope of the necessary strengthening works proposed.

We can also provide quotations supervised all work to ensure compliance with the proposals.

When commercial properties are to be brought and sold it is vital that the existing condition of the structure be fully appraised. This will ensure you avoid any unwanted and unforseen expenses.

cracking brick wall

Our specialist Structural Engineers can advise on all matters relating to subsidence and heave. We can diagnose causes, and recommend remedial work.

We can identify structural problems and provide a detailed, clear report outlining all issues and developing cost-effective repair strategies.